Hindustan Times - Thursday March 22, 2001.

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T Murlidharan, MD & CEO, TMI Network, has always believed that knowledge dissemination should never be free. The success of his portal has proved him right

My Big Break

I had my schooling in a government school and some of my classmates are still bus conductors and flower sellers. Such facts remind me that I have been fortunate to achieve all that I have. It has not been easy though. No one in my family had any thing to do with business ever, the highest level of education had been simple graduation. Hence, getting into IT, Chennai was perhaps the biggest break and the turning point in my life. I still remember the day when the results were declared. I was so sure that I could not have made it that I tentatively took a sneak glance from behind the newspaper to find my roll number IIT transported me to a cross-cultural environment. It was an island of excellence and turned out to be an experience in humbling as I was benchmarked with the best. Having specialized in chemical engineering, it would have been natural for me to join a chemical company. But one of our professors told us “never mortgage your future for your past”. I took the advice and IT happened.

Mumbai taught me professional values. to give you an example. During the 1993 Bombay riots when there was a night curfew, this particular autowala risked his life to drive me to the station. When I offered to pay him a little extra, he insisted on charging me by the metre, saying it's against his professional ethics. It was amazing

I started my business ventures with a mere 25k investment with a friend. Today, TMI Networks is among the top 10 recruitment / search firms in India with branches in six cities. We may have made a few mistakes along the way, but we are on the right track.

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