Corporate e-University

Enormous changes are taking place in every industry with information and services getting delivered virtually. Within a click, competition is at the doorstep. In such a fast-changing scenario, organisations need to change and adapt swiftly to remain viable. Companies that are managing change better are able to provide a more assured and consistent growth, thereby creating greater value.

The rapid rate of change in core competencies of the workforce, where resources are all over the place, traditional training methods are proving inadequate. Organisations able to learn on an ongoing basis and make better use of human resources are the ones that are able to provide better performance.

A virtual university scores in this regard as it gives organisations the ability to provide efficient and effective learning opportunities for the professional development of employees.

The demand created by corporations and the supply provided by academic universities is far apart. Similarly, there is an ever-changing huge gap in corporate requirements and what the academic certification provides. A virtual corporate university fills this void by providing just in time training.

This paper attempts to answer most of your questions regarding a corporate euniversity
and the outsourced model.

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