Customize learning. Nurture talent.

One size does not fit all!

C&K’s Training aims at improving the knowledge or skills of individuals. Also, our Human Performance Improvement (HPI) interventions aim to improve individual and organizational performance in relation to organizational goals.

C&K believes that for learning to be effective, the training needs to be engaging and motivating. Today, we have many options of instruction design techniques when we pair them with technology to make teaching and learning more effective.

With insights into content, we consider the organizational goals and learner needs and recommend effective learning interventions (presentation methods) and their delivery (distribution methods).

Based on the instruction design methodology, the presentation method may take different formats.

For each presentation method, we may select one or more distribution methods for actually transmitting the learning intervention. These distribution methods include classroom, web (includes web 2.0), e-mail, phone and videotape.

Each delivery option and different types of media have their advantages and disadvantages. While developing a custom learning intervention, we consider the organizational culture, IT infrastructure, and existing technologies and come up with the best solution.

As technology continues to evolve, we constantly update our instructional design techniques to successfully blend appropriate instructional and presentation methods with distribution methods.

The goal of customizing content to learner needs, in this way, is to make it more engaging, so that learners retain the learning and use it in their workplace.

C&K understands this paradigm, and hence creates unique learnable solutions for its customers.

Benefits of Customization:

  • Enhanced engagement by connecting with learners at the personal level
  • Increased retention of key learning
  • Improved motivation levels by providing feel-good factor
  • Sense of belonging to the workspace
  • Enhanced productivity
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