C&K’s Guided Discovery Learning Approach

Research confirms that adults learn best when they are actively involved in the learning process. They want to be Challenged, they need Answers, they want to Discover, and do things Hands-on.

“Discovery learning” approach appeals to all types of learners as it accelerates knowledge and skill acquisition while ensuring long-term retention.

C&K has developed its own Guided Discovery Methods, wherein, the learner receives problems to discover and solve; the differential factor being Guidance along with Challenge. In our experience, we have realized that certain learners do not learn the rule or principle with pure discovery methods. They require the appropriate guidance to mentally construct and discover the desired learning outcome. Such a guided discovery is effective because it helps learners meet two important criteria for active learning. They are:

  • Activating or constructing appropriate knowledge necessary to make sense of the new incoming information
  • Integrating the new incoming information with an appropriate knowledge base

In this Guided Discovery Method, we provide hints, direction, coaching, and feedback. This method has demonstrated that learners learn more efficiently, remember well and are able to transfer these skills to new environments.

C&K’s Guided Discovery Learning Techniques
We build discovery learning programs with design techniques that work best to meet your specific learning objectives, content and facilitation requirements.

To view sample courses, please follow this link: Discovery Learning Samples.

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