Serious learners associate learning with both fun and hard work. All our game-based learning programs carry well-thought out objectives, typically structured around some learning. These games have a fun element and even entertain, but learning is the underpinning element.

Our game-based-learning programs further the idea of psychological risk/reward systems that can easily be related to learning. In these games, when players encounter a new activity, they first try and understand it. Next, they find a solution and work on it long and hard enough to be able to do it by rote. We deploy serious games to attain learning outcomes. However, for us as developers, it is imperative to ensure that the challenge remains and learners are allowed to fail or lose gracefully.

Our game-based learning programs have defined learning outcomes. Generally, they are designed to balance subject matter with game play and the ability of players to retain and apply the subject matter to the real world.

As educators and game developers for successful implementation, we always ensure the following in our game-based learning programs.

Motivation: It is a key concept in many of our instructional design practices and our game-based learning programs are no different. We ensure that our game-based programs always have factors like challenge, fantasy, curiosity, and control along with interpersonal factors such as co-operation, competition, and recognition which actually lead to motivation.

Authenticity and Playfulness
While developing these programs, we consider questions such as “How similar is the content to their work?” “Does it relate to their concerns?”. From this, we draw up our design strategy for the courses. Learners take our courses and perceive situations in the games as authentic. This is because they relate to them when they contend in such situations and get realistic output. Also, they relate to their own life situations even when the game-based learning is playful.

Our game-based learning programs usually foster high interactivity as it is a crucial factor in its appeal to the learners. In our programs, we characterize these interactive experiences by allowing learners to explore them by letting them create causes and observe effects.

At C&K, such a framework of intrinsic motivation is developed by using factors such as challenge, structure, curiosity, control, recognition, creativity, and evaluation to create learning that is both immersive and meaningful.

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