Simulation is one of the fast-growing segments in e-learning development strategies, as it revolves around Learning by Doing. We have developed some simulations and games. Here are some of them:

  • Interactive spreadsheets
  • Virtual labs/virtual products
  • Narratives - branching stories
  • Non-branching interactive stories
  • Game-based models
  • Prototyping/modeling simulations
  • Role-plays
  • Computer games
  • Marketing mini-games/”Advergames”

At C&K, simulations are a method to engage learners by tapping into the desire to play and learn by doing. Simulations provide realistic learning environments that are naturally motivating.

For example, to teach soft skills, animated characters help create an immersive environment that elicits a learner's social responses. However, these characters can be distracting. So, we take care to design these characters right for the task. We do this by ensuring that all audio, visual, and content cues create an experience that engages the learner and enhances the learning process.

“Simulation is grounded on action learning. Its underlying discipline is arguably the foundation of almost everything we learn: experiential learning. While individuals may each perceive information through their senses, people ultimately learn by doing” - Kolb.

We understand that simulations work well for learners in whom the greatest challenge is not acquiring factual knowledge but applying knowledge, skills, and beliefs in complex, unique situations. Simulations increase the understanding of factors and their integration in a complex situation.

For example, to produce software demos, the best instruction design strategy would be to demonstrate the software (watch how it works!) and interactive safe environment of simulations (try it!). By doing so, users get a feel of the application without having to worry about making mistakes on a live system.

Simulations are fun and engaging. They allow learners to internalize knowledge by applying new skills in a risk-free environment. Simulations dramatically increase motivation and retention rates—and provide high returns on training investments.

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