In a fast changing knowledge-based economy, organizations need to keep pace with changing markets. Individuals need to re-skill/update their skills on a continuous basis in order to be relevant. Organizations investing on employee training expect to gain competitive advantage, increase efficiency, and improve financial results.

To build a regular custom course, it typically takes about two to three months and that is a long development period. Now, organizations want quick solutions for their training needs as they face tight budgets, downsizing, and outsourcing.

Can courses be developed faster and the training imparted quickly and consistently to a large number of people and still reduce costs? This is where rapid e-learning using automation and template-based development from C&K is making a difference for organizations across the world.

Rapid e-learning is a possibility through which courses can be quickly developed with short turnaround time.

When it is appropriate, rapid e-learning developed using tools, can imitate much of what you see in exclusive custom-built courses without the need for programming. By default, rapid authoring is ideal for basic courses, which do not require complicated development. Custom development by specialists is still being used for complex courses. But in both the cases, the goal is to facilitate the opportunity for learners to learn the things that meet their organizations’ objective.

E-learning is multidisciplinary. The speed with which one can create courses is obviously important. Rapid development tools score in this aspect. Buying a rapid e-learning development tool is like buying the fastest car. It’s a dangerous toy if you don’t understand the machine’s capabilities and drive properly. This is where our expertise comes in. We help your Subject Matter Experts with our designers to produce more effective solutions.

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