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In today’s globalized economy, knowledge resources such as know-how and expertise are as critical as other economic resources. Change is constant in such knowledge-based economy. Hence, your people need to invariably learn continuously and innovate for your organization’s business strategy to succeed and give desired business results. Today, successful organizations align business strategy with people strategy. Typically, this includes issues such as recruitment, assessment, training and development, leadership, and succession planning.

This critical people function presents fundamental challenges as to how organizations organize their training and development activities while constantly fine tuning their business strategy. No matter how rich an organization may be in skill or experience, it cannot do it all, as it is not its core business activity. However, the good news is that none has to do so. Between the extremes of overreaching and scaling back, there is a third alternative. We can work jointly with each other. In short, we can collaborate.

With more than a decade of experience, C&K provides specialized consultative support with your people strategy. We design, develop, and deliver training and development interventions and performance support in a collaborative environment to build your organizational capabilities.

We're not merely instructional designers, speakers, graphic designers, programmers, audio and video editors, animators, and trainers; we're a team of cutting-edge specialists who complement your teams and let you do what you do best – manage your business, while we bring in end-to-end expertise to enhance your people’s capability.

We not only develop useful content, with good design, using the right tools, and cutting-edge technology, but we also bring even more. We realize that success of your program is dependent on the ability to engage learners, motivate managers, and energize your organization.

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