Technology-based learning can never completely replace classroom training. They both have their strengths and weaknesses, and each can be appropriate depending on the situation. However, compared with e-learning, the classroom provides an opportunity to develop higher order thinking skills and stimulates interpersonal exchanges.

Harold Stolovitch in his book “Telling ain’t training.” says, “You can’t simply walk into the classroom and start talking, and hope that it sticks.”

We do consider formal learning when people are learning something for the first time, and when they want to learn more. However, formal learning in today’s world is not good enough. At C&K, at the heart of our efforts in teaching and learning is to prepare learners for the most critical moment in their individual learning process. It is to be able to “Apply” the learning to successful on-the-job performance. This is where you get your Return on Investment (ROI).

When classroom training is part of the learning solution, we consider a multitude of factors. When planning Instructor Led Training (ILT) content development, we include the physical environment and presentation methods to make significant impact to the training. We have appropriately broadened our traditional classroom approach to include other formal means and innovative technologies to help people learn quickly and effectively.

We know it’s important to consider formal learning events and the vital role trainers play in training. We take a step further, far into the natural workflow of the organization to understand the need and develop the training interventions appropriately. This strategy, supported by technology, helps us reduce pulling people from their work for extended periods of time to learn.

As responsible professionals, we design, develop, and deliver learning solutions by considering the support infrastructure needed for learners to perform successfully in their work. When learners need to actually perform on the job, they need instant access to tools that will intuitively help them do just that — perform. In our ILT content, we embed job aids tailored to the role and situation of the performers depending upon their need to plan, remember, adapt, or refer, for successful performance.

With due diligence to confirm that the learning strategy for the training works, we make sure that our ILT programs reflect eight fundamental characteristics for its success:

  1. The right content – Not just accurate, relevant, and authentic, it must be appropriate for the learner and the sponsoring organization. The content covers only what is needed to teach; no more and no less
  2. Motivate beyond objectives — Along with instruction, we always answer two primary questions of learners, “Why am I here?” and “What’s in it for me?” to reinforce the course’s essential value proposition
  3. Interactivity and practice — Our courses are not just interactive, they involve learners in a variety of exercises that test their higher-order thinking, analytical and creative abilities, and more baseline skills of remembering and understanding. The courses provide adequate time for learners to practice newly acquired skills
  4. Collaboration — Our courses allow learners to master new knowledge and skills through teamwork, experimentation, group research, and presentations (with the instructor as a “guide on the side”) to reinforce new learning
  5. Feedback — The ILT course design provides for meaningful, timely feedback by instructors, fellow learners, or the instructional program itself. This helps learners understand why a particular response was correct or incorrect; it provides guidance to help them make appropriate adjustments before going too far in the wrong direction
  6. Balance — Our ILT content is designed with the right balance on content presentation, interactivity, practice, and feedback to significantly improve the instructional outcomes
  7. Transfer — Our ILT content brings more value to the learners by helping them become comfortable with the tools and processes they will use on the job. We provide additional learning and performance resources to help them apply new capabilities in the workplace
  8. Great Teaching — We understand that even when our courseware is great, it cannot fix poor teaching. You need exemplary teaching to bring alive the courseware. We train the trainers to enhance the expertise to complement with experience
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The unique presentation of the content in the training material gives the trainees a comprehensive learning experience and builds their confidence in the skills.
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