We keep up the motivation and enthusiasm of the learners

As traditional classroom learning is replaced by self driven e-learning or online learning, it is difficult to maintain the motivation and enthusiasm of learners. This is because they cannot choose what they want to learn and the learning is forced. What if learners have the choice to select their own learning? Also, what if learners get to learn from their social environment?

For growing companies, e-learning and its ROI become the critical success factors. While learning, interactions help social learning and keep the learners engaged and motivated. Motivated and enthusiastic employees create healthy and productive workplace and make business strong.

GLO'brary consists of Granular Learning Object (GLOs), which are 10-30 minute learning modules. It offers a wide learning of choice in small bits. Now, learners can choose what they want to learn at a minimal cost. GLO has "Pay per consumption" model.

It introduced the concept of Social Learning. Learners can now manage their own learning by accessing the information in the form of e-learning modules, e-books, videos, articles, case studies, etc. They can create and upload their own content material. They can also store the same for future reference. They can interact with different people and share their ideas.

Therefore, this learning platform enables better learning.

It offers value to all kinds of organizations and their systems as it caters to all of them, irrespective of owning an LMS.

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