Derivatives for Software Programmers

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World's First CMMi Level 5 company providing IT solutions in the areas of banking, financial services, ERP, retailautomation and risk management.

Game Based Learning

Course in Derivatives for Software Programmers People typically associate games with play or fun and learning with hard work or boredom. Butserious learners actually associate learning with both fun and hard work. With the digital revolution

Development Centres
Content and Software Development Center (CSDC)

Content and Software Development Centres
If you are a large, established corporate or academic entity having regular requirements for specialized skills in the content and
e-learning space and looking for:

Training Insurance agents across the length and
breath of India

The Company
With the opening up of the Indian insurancesector, many global companies entered the insurance market in India by forming Joint

Certification Course on Commodity Derivatives

Till some years ago, investors in India had limited investment opportunities. These were limited to stocks, bonds, fixed deposits, mutual funds, bullion and real estate. With the lifting of the 30-year ban on commodity futures trading in 2003, a new investment

Transforming a Software Engineer into a Consultant

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India’s marquee IT services and business consulting company with a turnover in excess of US $ 2 billion with over 50,000 employees worldwide.

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