Are you a large, established corporate or academic entity looking to outsource classroom and elearning content development?

And are you planning to:

  • Focus on what you do best
  • Make substantial cost savings on content development
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Provide access to a world-class learning content to your highly talented workforce
  • Improve quality at every stage
  • Protect your intellectual property rights

Then, what are you waiting for?

Have an outsourced Development Centre with C&K. That would be ideal for you!

C&K has proven expertise in this area. We have years of experience in creation and maintenance of content for leading domestic and international clients.

C&K has, to its credit hundreds of hours of e-learning courses, certification programmes, catalogue courses. It also has a highly-skilled, experienced and result-driven team of content analysts and writers. Hence, C&K is ideally suited for content outsourcing in the areas of management, quality, software technology, banking and financial services, among others.

Case in Point

Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University (HBMeU), Dubai’s Content and Software Development Centre (CSDC)
On 1st December 2007, the Dubai-based eTQM College (Now HBMeU, owned by the Dubai Government) entered into an agreement with C&K Management for cooperation and joint ownership of a Content and Software Development Centre (CSDC), now known as Centre for Innovation and Content Digitization (CICD).

What Does CICD Do?
Instructional designers, content specialists and graphic programmers, among others, comprise the team at CICD. The team develops e-learning courseware for the Bachelors and Masters courses for their five schools, which include Management, Healthcare, Quality, and E-Education among others. We also develop professional programmes and certification courses for the University. In addition, CICD provides back-end support for the University through academic programmes and content. These help the University bring out journals that deal with excellence in various fields, along with e-magazines. It also maintains the University’s content related portals.

Bachelors and Masters Programs
The undergraduate and graduate programs offered by the University follow a powerful blended-learning approach that integrates the benefits of classroom-based, self-paced and online learning.

C &K continuously supports HBMeU for creating courseware for seven Masters and two Bachelors programs in Management, Quality, and Healthcare, e-education, seven Portals and e-Zines, and e-Journals.

Certification Courses
Currently, CICD is helping the University provide various certification courses. The Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) Certificate program is the ideal entry point for those who are new to the quality field. This program consists of three courses that lead to the CQI Certificate.

  1. Quality – Customers, Clients and Markets: This course provides students with the opportunity to understand the concepts of quality
  2. Quality – Principles of Data Analysis: This course provides learners with an understanding of the statistical methods used in quality
  3. Quality – Models, Standards and Laws: This course provides students an opportunity to appreciate the need for standardisation. Also, it introduces students to the legal issues related to quality

The CQI certification also provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills required to undertake the CQI Diploma as the next progressive step. This program intends to raise the participants' knowledge in quality and enhance individual careers and personal development.

The portals that CICD maintains include:

  1. Learner Resource Centre (LRC): This portal helps learners identify and locate various opportunities to develop themselves.
  2. E-caps: This portal provides updates on different kinds of jobs available in the Quality Management domain. It provides articles every fortnight on career and job interviews. These articles not only help learners avoid mistakes in résumés and job interviews, but also educate them on their conduct during job performance.
  3. Quality Management Experts (QME): This portal provides resources such as:

    Q-Hub: A fortnightly newsletter providing information on various quality related topics. It covers areas such as management, marketing and services.

    Q-Digest: A monthly newsletter providing information on various current topics.

You can contact us for further details on the modalities of content development centres by filling in the form provided.

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