In a competitive market, with high attrition rates and prohibitive employee replacement costs, organisations want to recruit and retain productive employees.

On-boarding is a significant employee-engagement strategy. It addresses new joiners’ concerns, sets their expectations, and facilitates their smooth assimilation into the organisation within the ‘feel good’ factor of the honeymoon period.

C&K Management’s On-Boarding Expertise:
While you focus on your business, we bring in our years of expertise in training and e-learning content development for e-induction as part of your on-boarding process.

Over the years, we have acquired expertise in the field by gaining new insights while developing custom induction courses for various clients.

The Process:
After a thorough study of your organisation, its goals and other aspects, we design and deliver a solution that enables you to deliver a consistent message to all inductees. In the process, we use the inputs that you provide from various organisational levels. The solution engages the inductees and enables them to stay “connected” to the programme. They are, thus, able to map their growth career in harmony with the organisational goals.

After the e-induction process begins, as part of your broader on-boarding process, we help you plan a face-to-face meeting for that much valued personal touch. Or, a mentor can be assigned at the unit level to brief the inductees on their job role and specific requirements. This makes the induction process more meaningful and helps the employees become productive right from the day one.

C&K's Approach to Induction:

  • Blended approach – can blend the induction, online with face-to-face
  • Technology-assisted – improve impact and bring down costs
  • Maximise activities (group & self) and minimise lectures
  • Co-ordinate every aspect – deliver a positive experience

The e-Induction Advantage:

  • e-Learning-based induction training provides a welcome change from the traditional, formal, inductor-driven process to an inductee-driven, fun-based process.
  • The message is consistently presented across the organisation to all groups at all locations and at all times.
  • Significant time and cost-saving method
  • The induction can start on day one of employees’ joining, giving them a sense of clarity and belonging
  • With video, audio, visuals, charts, animations, games… the induction training is made interesting, engaging and effective

This entire exercise can be rounded off with a blended approach wherever any job-specific training is required.

For a demo of our induction courses, please write to us at the address given below or call our representative. We will be happy to help you.

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